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March 3, 2005
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Uday almost overthrew Saddam in 2003
Wire Services | Submitted by: MissStoney303
"The eldest son of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was plotting to overthrow his father just as US troops advanced on Baghdad in March 2003, journalist Peter Arnett claimed in Playboy magazine. Uday Hussein, known for his ruthlessness and flashy lifestyle, had won the support of the leadership of his father's Fedayeen militia to overthrow Saddam's 35-year rule... The ambitious heir had even formed a shadow government on the outskirts of Iraq's capital, Baghdad that was disguised under the cover of his powerful Olympic committee and funded by murky oil deals, he said... Uday and Qusay were killed in a blistering battle in the northern city of Mosul on July 22, 2003."

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Man tortured, castrated
WKMG-TV 6 Orlando | Submitted by: Oobatz
"A trail of blood on some stairs in South Florida led police to the discovery of a bound and gagged man who had been tortured, including having his genitals cut off, according to a Local 6 News report. Police were called to an apartment complex near Miami after neighbors noticed blood in a stairwell. Officers followed the trail to a car, where they found an unidentified man bound and gagged and bleeding. The man had been tortured, according to the report."

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Teen allegedly chokes, assfucks dog
WCAX-TV 3 South Burlington | Submitted by: Chickenhead
"Police say that on October 16, 2004, [Jeffrey Plourde] tortured, sodomized, and strangled a 1 and 1/2 year old brown Labrador retriever named Kacy owned by Kelley Willis, his neighbor. The veterinarians tried desperately to save her, but after 48 hours of agony, they put her to sleep. Police say they had few solid leads until informants told them Plourde had been bragging and laughing about killing the dog."

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Stepdad allegedly murdered with own sword
New York Post | Submitted by: Nick J.
"A Long Island teen who told his pals he hated his stepfather and wanted to kill him used a samurai sword to nearly decapitate the former NYPD cop while he was taking a nap, sources said yesterday. Police say 18-year-old Zach Gibian committed a premeditated execution over minor disagreements - including the fact that his stepfather had grounded him and would not let him drive his new car... [Gibian] used a sword from a large collection belonging to his stepdad, Scott Nager, 51, said Suffolk Homicide Squad commander, Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick."

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City mechanic on trial for allegedly going postal
Sacramento Bee | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A city maintenance worker accused of shooting and killing his supervisor and a co-worker with an SKS assault rifle was charged Tuesday with murder. Thomas Clarence Sampson, 25, of Los Angeles faces two counts of murder with special circumstance allegations of lying in wait and multiple murder... Sampson is accused of killing his supervisor Rene Flores, 54, and co-worker Ricardo Garris, 49, on Feb, 24 in the city street maintenance yard, where both worked... Sampson and Flores had a dispute earlier over Sampson being late for work, police said."

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Would-be bounty hunter charged with smuggling
Detroit News | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A Texas man who told authorities he was headed to Syria to try to collect a $25 million bounty on Osama bin Laden has been indicted on charges of attempting to smuggle more than $13,000, a Taser stun device, ammunition and radiation detectors... At the time of his arrest, [Matt Mihsen] told agents that he was going to Syria in hopes of claiming the reward - offered by the U.S. government - for information leading to bin Laden's arrest and conviction, according to a federal criminal complaint. Mihsen said he was a registered private investigator and wanted to conduct an independent probe into the illegal sale of uranium by extremists, authorities said... an outbound search of his checked luggage revealed that he was attempting to take a number of items with him to Syria including a Taser, ammunition, pepper spray, a bulletproof vest and three Geiger counters."

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Rotten bridge implicated in catastrophic train wreck
Canadian Broadcasting | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A rotting wooden trestle bridge that was poorly inspected and allowed to deteriorate led a CN Rail freight train to derail in May 2003, killing two employees, according to a Transportation Safety Board report released Wednesday... The train burst into flames after plunging off the bridge into a ravine, killing conductor Ken LeQuesne and engineer Art McKay... the TSB said a detailed inspection in 1999 identified 'the severity of the internal rot of several of the trestle bridge's wooden components.' But the board blamed 'several shortcomings in the inspection, planning and maintenance processes that allowed the unsafe condition to exist.'"

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Man allegedly cons Internet pet owners
WSAV-TV 3 Savannah | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"Authorities say Andre Gould conned as many as 17 people in six states to wire him $85 for a pet carrier to fly their dogs back to them - plus any extra money... Police say Gould's victims paid him a total of $3,000 since December. Atlanta police arrested Gould at a motel in the Buckhead neighborhood on Friday. He is charged with wire fraud and racketeering. The 37-year-old Gould used the Internet to find people who had posted classified ads seeking lost dogs."

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DeLay PAC on trial for alleged election finance violations
Houston Chronicle | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"The Young Conservatives of Texas featured U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay in a mailing to Fort Bend County voters meant to influence the 2002 Republican primary runoff, but the mailer actually was paid for by a political committee created by DeLay... Among other claims, five losing Democratic candidates contend [Texans for a Republican Majority] violated state election laws by not fully disclosing to the Texas Ethics Commission corporate money it raised and spent in the elections to help defeat them."

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Adware company named to federal advisory board
c|Net | Submitted by: lucubration
"The Department of Homeland Security has named Claria, an adware maker that online publishers once dubbed a 'parasite,' to a federal privacy advisory board... 'This committee will provide the department with important recommendations on how to further the department's mission while protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information of citizens and visitors of the United States,' Nuala O'Connor Kelly, the department's chief privacy officer, said in a statement... In the past, Claria's pop-up ad software has riled some users who claimed it was annoying, installed without permission, and not easy to delete."

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