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August 23, 2005
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Bring me the head of Hugo Chavez
MSNBC | Submitted by: TingALingALingYouSOB
"Venezuela’s vice president on Tuesday accused religious broadcaster Pat Robertson of making “terrorist statements” by calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez." ... The Bush administration swiftly and unequivocally distanced itself Tuesday from Robertson's statement. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, appearing at a Pentagon news conference, said when asked: "Our department doesn’t do that kind of thing. It’s against the law. He’s a private citizen. Private citizens say all kinds of things all the time." ... The quote: "You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it." ... "It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war ... and I don’t think any oil shipments will stop."

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Fast Times at Timken High
WEWS-TV 5 Cleveland | Submitted by: anonymous
"There are 490 female students at Timken High School, and 65 are pregnant, according to a recent report in the Canton Repository. The article reported that some would say that movies, TV, videogames, lazy parents and lax discipline may all be to blame. School officials are not sure what has caused so many pregnancies, but in response to them, the school is launching a three-prong educational program to address pregnancy, prevention and parenting."

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Bad Trip: SWAT team busts up Utah rave | Submitted by: Dr. Benway
"Numerous accounts from attendees of an outdoor electronic music event in Utah county indicate excessive force used by Sherrif and SWAT officers. A video has surfaced depicting officers dressed in full military fatigues raiding the main stage of the event. Local news stations side with police in initial reports."

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Pretty hard on the beaver
Albany Times-Union | Submitted by: optional
"The roadside signs show a buck-toothed, bosomy beaver in a red, white and blue cap and skirt with a white apron. Betty has one paw poised on a shapely hip and the other holding a fuel nozzle with a come-and-get-it smile. The beaver's bosom protrudes from the sign."

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Beads, boobs and maybe time left over for football
The Sports Network Canada | Submitted by: some1feedtheMonkey
"Adapted from the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, women seated in the south-side upper deck of Frank Clair Stadium were encouraged to collect beads from men, which on Bourbon Street is sometimes achieved by exposing breasts. The woman with the most beads at the CFL game won $1,000." ... "On at least one occasion, police officers and security guards were pelted with hotdogs and beads as they escorted a bead-wearing young woman down the aisle."

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Still no word on giant robots to fight Godzilla though
CNN | Submitted by: The_Clinton Esq - No Fat Chicks allowed
"Japan's space agency plans to launch an arrow-shaped airplane at twice the speed of sound high over the Australian outback as early as next month in a crucial test of the country's push to develop a supersonic successor to the retired Concorde. The test follows a three-year hiatus since the first experimental flight of the unmanned aircraft, dubbed the next-generation supersonic transport, prematurely separated from its booster rocket and crashed into the desert." ... "The Concorde first flew in 1969 and became a symbol of French and European industrial acumen. But the planes were retired from commercial service in October 2003, never having recouped the billions of tax dollars invested in them. An Air France Concorde exploded in flames after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris on July 25, 2000, and slammed into a hotel. The accident, which killed the 109 people on board, presaged an end to the career of the sleek but costly supersonic aircraft. Japan hopes to have a successor making regular flights by 2020."

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Filthy, dirty pornography
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: Casu Marzu
"The back of a dump truck delivering 20 tons of dirt to businesses on Sixth Street in San Francisco tipped and crashed into an adult video arcade this morning, narrowly missing three patrons." ... "The back of the truck tipped over to the side and into the wall of the store, shattering windows and dumping dirt into the part of the store that houses booths for video peep shows." ... "This is the second accident in as many years to damage adult stores at the corner of Sixth and Mission streets. On Dec. 15, 2003, a 14-Mission bus slammed into the Golden Gate Adult Superstore across the street from the Liberty Bookstore. Seventeen people were hurt in that accident."

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Ghost Man earns living playing the dead
BBC | Submitted by: Phatlor
"Few people know his real name, in many of the villages of South 24 Parganas district in India's West Bengal state he is simply known as Ghost. Gopal Haldar, who is reaching the age of retirement, does not mind. He is the professional ghost for a local folk theatre." [With picture.]

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Always a bridesmaid, never a bride
CNN | Submitted by: Space Jew
"The guests thought they were headed to an early afternoon wedding on a yacht docked near Atlantic City in the United States."

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TV Violence | Submitted by: evildave
"A 5-year-old boy was killed when a 200-pound television fell on him as he climbed onto a rickety dresser to retrieve a videotape, police said. The dresser apparently collapsed around noon Thursday when Edwin Ramos climbed onto it, said Corinne Loomis, a spokeswoman for the police department in Placentia, a city east of Los Angeles. Police believe a VCR sat on top of the television." ... "Nine months ago, a 16-month-old boy in a nearby city died when a 32-inch television toppled onto him as he reached for a videotape."

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ABC News | Submitted by: The_Clinton Esq the earth is hollow and I have touched the sky
"Officials at JP Morgan Chase have apologized and promised to improve their screening policies, after a credit card solicitation letter sent to a 54-year-old naturalized American citizen came addressed to..." [more]

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It was like Jurassic Park in my toilet
World Peace Herald | Submitted by: god's dickbruises
"Animal control officers in south Florida have given up on ever controlling the number of iguanas that have bred and adapted to the life in the wild. Most recently, 69-year-old Arlyne Reiter called Pompano Beach officials, hysterical after finding an iguana "as big as a newborn baby" in her toilet bowl."

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Don't Snitch
WAVE-TV 3 Louisville | Submitted by: anonymous
"A controversial T-shirt has hit the streets of Kentuckiana. Anti-violence advocates call the T-shirts message dangerous. Some even believe the Don't Snitch shirt is helping keep killers on the street." ... "Don't Snitch T-shirts are currently being sold on Fourth Street, where one store owner told us sells them about as fast as he gets them." [With picture of what an Eric Flack looks like.]

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Lonely Islanders find their way onto SNL
Boing Boing | Submitted by: GLORY GLORY
Leave it to Saturday Night Live to cherry-pick two writers and a cast member from the good-natured cast of The Lonely Island. Congratulations, dudes, maybe now you can finally meet Phil Hartman and Chris Farley."

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