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April 9, 2006
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Battle of the Sexless | Submitted by: athenstexman
"He could've filled three Pepsi cans. Maybe three and a half. That's how much blood Talula estimates he lost the first time he tried to castrate himself."

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Comments (91)

Onan The Vegetarian | Submitted by: El Borracho
The story of a raw-food guru turned "subway perv."

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Comments (62)

Young Boy Starved by Relatives Part II
Sacramento Bee | Submitted by: aging disgracefully
"All she had to do was to feed him. All she had to do was to call 911," Deputy District Attorney Robin Shakely said in court Friday. [Submitter adds: Might need BugMenot.]

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Comments (27)

Mom says "life" for man who assaulted her paralyzed daughter
WIS-TV 10 Columbia | Submitted by: JW
Deputies have arrested a man they say kidnapped and tried to rape a paralyzed 12-year-old girl.

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Comments (51)

Puppy Love
Shreveport Times | Submitted by: athenstexman
"Animal cruelty often leads to more serious crimes, officials say."

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Comments (42)

Rainy Sunday Afternoon
Daily Rotten | Submitted by: Editor
[Good morning afternoon from your friendly-neighborhood Rotten Staff Duder. Today is a rainy day for the residents of Rottenhaus so we offer up a link to Super Monkey Poop Fight. If your browser has the Flash plug-in installed, you can play. ]

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Comments (71)

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