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September 1, 2006
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Voodoo Divorce
KGTV-TV 10 San Diego | Submitted by: kure
"A father, convinced he was the victim of a voodoo curse, drowned his two young children in the bathtub and then jumped to his death in front of a subway train, police said Thursday."

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Injected with Poo
Sydney Morning Herald | Submitted by: anonymous
"Cathy (for legal reasons all names are pseudonyms) was 18 months old. She had abscesses and bacterial infections on her skin, and had to be resuscitated after suffering life-threatening septic shock. There were puncture marks on her ankle." ... "The Crown alleges Kirsten injected her daughter with saliva, dirty water, urine or faecal matter using a syringe or needle, or by introducing the matter into Cathy's intravenous drip."

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Sorry bitch... I saw him first!
WFRV | Submitted by: golddigger
"A rape victim who spotted her attacker on the television show Blind Date got a $20 million civil court judgment, although she will likely never see a dime from her imprisoned attacker."

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Strippers put on after-school special
Wire Services | Submitted by: bigblond
"It's back to school time and you know what that means. Detention for everyone who has been bad!"

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Yummy Stuff, Gorilla Glue
KOMO-TV 4 Seattle | Submitted by: Night Light
"This is the abdomen. This roundish blob is her stomach filled with Gorilla Glue."

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Comments (47)

Left in the closet
The Enquirer | Submitted by: educatedidiot
"Marcus Fiesel's foster parents knew all along their missing boy was dead, say Hamilton County prosecutors. They knew, prosecutors say, because Liz and David Carroll Jr. left the 3-year-old alone for two days in a locked closet while they attended a family reunion. They knew because David Carroll later burned and hid Marcus' body. They knew even as they cried before TV cameras, begging the community to help them find the missing boy."

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Women not charged over false reports
CBS4-Denver | Submitted by: golddigger
"A teenager and a woman in Brighton who falsely reported they had been sexually assaulted will not face charges." ... "Brighton Police went door-to-door in the community investigating the attacks and warning the neighborhood."

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Bail granted for journalist Josh Wolf
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: anonymous
"Josh Wolf, a freelance journalist who has been jailed since Aug. 1 for refusing to turn over videos of a political protest to a federal grand jury, was granted bail today by a federal appeals court."

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