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January 10, 2007
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The Case of the Dong-Punching Basketball Coach
WEWS-TV 5 Cleveland | Submitted by: roug
"One student said Burr would ask the boys what the capital of Thailand was and when they would answer, Bangkok, he would hit their groin area."

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Comments (47)

"The Internet is a cesspool"
AP | Submitted by: anonymous
E-mailing someone a pornographic picture could be a misdemeanor and sending it to a child would be a felony under legislation proposed Monday. "The Internet is a cesspool," said Sen. Mike Friend of Omaha, who introduced the bill (LB142) at the attorney general's request.

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Comments (78)

Your country thanks you
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: Graehme de Parke, Esq.
"After serving a year in Iraq, Army Reserve Spc. Patrick Rogalin came home and found that everything he had put in a storage locker essentially everything he owned had been sold."

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Comments (69)

Zwire | Submitted by: tloc
"A college student who mistakenly submitted a compact disc loaded with child pornography images to his professor last week is now facing felony kiddie porn possession charges."

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Comments (58)

Egghead Busted
Boston Herald | Submitted by: anonymous
"The Atlanta police officer who arrested a Tufts University professor for jaywalking has contradicted the mans account, insisting he was in uniform at the time and saying the professor has no one to blame but himself." ... Officer Kevin Leonpacher said if anything, I used an excessive amount of discretion, in the encounter that landed Felipe Fernandez-Armesto in jail. See also: Does this guy look like trouble to you?

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Comments (52)

Math makes me stabby
Chicago Sun-Times | Submitted by: merrillvillain
"The incident occurred around 11 a.m., when a 40-year-old female student in the class repeatedly asked the instructor to explain a math problem and apparently became upset when she couldn't grasp the material, Chicago Police said."

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Comments (48)

School Brawl: Moms 'n Daughters
CNN | Submitted by: ringworm
"Two mothers and their 13-year-old daughters were arrested after police say one woman drove her already suspended daughter to school to fight a teenage rival." ... "Authorities said a teacher tried to break up the fight and was [hit]."

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Comments (30)

Citizen Crimefighters + Free Beer = Robbery Suspect Nabbed
WKMG-TV 6 Orlando | Submitted by: Night Light
Also: I AM FAT

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Comments (11)

Teen adds hydrochloric acid, zinc chloride to teacher's water
WRAL-TV 5 Raleigh | Submitted by: Sinthyia
"A Cary High School student has been released on bond after allegedly spiking a science teacher's water bottle with acid."

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Comments (36)

Mr. Durp goes to court
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: anonymous
Kopp used his opening statement to tell jurors that Slepian's death was "a full-bore, 100 percent tragedy" but was not murder because it was not malicious or premeditated. He has acknowledged planning the shooting for a year and then firing a high-powered military rifle with telescopic sights from the woods behind the Slepian home, but he has said he meant only to wound the doctor to prevent him from performing abortions.

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Comments (86)

Hate Host Hacked
New Jersey Online | Submitted by: anonymous
"A band of Internet hackers have crashed the Web site of North Bergen white supremacist Hal Turner and blocked his Internet radio broadcasts." ... An anonymous message posted Wednesday afternoon on Turner's site read: "We're all just using our free time to attack your site - losing no money and having lots of fun bothering a person selected randomly off the Internet."

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Comments (38)

Mmmm... Meth...
San Jose Mercury News | Submitted by: Buddy List
Baby eats meth, parents totally busted.

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Comments (14)

Just Fuckin'
The Smoking Gun | Submitted by: Night Light
"Eager to try out a new prescription for the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis, a couple in their fifties is facing indecent exposure charges after they were caught having sex on a balcony at a family resort in South Carolina."

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Comments (28)

Get Back
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: anonymous
"Two days ago he said he decided to drive to Florida because he wanted to see the ocean," [police] said. "But he ran out of money."

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Comments (22)

Wednesday Lunchtime Free-for-All: Flame On
Seattle Times | Submitted by: Diaper Drew
"A woman set herself on fire in the elevator of a downtown hotel this morning..."

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Comments (802)

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