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August 18, 2008
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Hunting the Vampire Chief Justice
MSNBC | Submitted by: Synther
"This is a situation that could easily have turned into a major gun battle. It was plain old dumb luck that nobody got hurt -- including you, Mr. Gorbey."

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Comments (281)

Now What, Sir?
Independent Online | Submitted by: stroomf
"He stabbed one of the school kids in the neck and he died. He then went further and stabbed a gardener in the back and another gardener in the face... Apparently he said to the principal: Wat nou, meneer? [Now what, sir?]."

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Comments (30)

Aim For The Cunt
The Australian | Submitted by: furpo
"Elliott then asked the woman to perform oral sex on him... The woman called her father on her mobile phone and noticed that Elliott was pointing the firearm around her crotch, Ms McDonald said."

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Comments (31)

DHS Fucks Over Whomever
New York Times | Submitted by: whingy
"He said, 'I told the nursing department, I'm in pain, but they don't believe me,'" his sister recalled. "'They tell me, stop faking.'"

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Comments (29)

Croc Strokin' Gone Wrong
Metro | Submitted by: ZebraBob
"The man was dragged into the water by one of the crocs after he leaned over a rail to stroke it. The others then tore him to pieces in the attack. He was not able to be identified."

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Comments (38)

Blowfly Oogenesis
York Daily Record | Submitted by: athenstexman
"When the little teeny tiny maggots hatch out, they will go straight to the food source... In this case, the food source was Leiben's rotting flesh and muscle tissue on her heels, left knee and upper right arm."

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Comments (20)

Slinging That Shit
Canoe | Submitted by: my girlfriend? fort mac - david companion
"An 18-year-old woman from Guelph, Ont., is facing charges after she allegedly stripped naked on a highway, ran into a cow pasture and threw mud and feces at police officers... Police say the woman smeared blood on the officer and then burned herself when she mounted a motorcycle belonging to someone who had also stopped to help."

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Comments (39)

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