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April 18, 2010
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China Fights Monks Over Quake Corpses
New York Times | Submitted by: ditchley
"Since a deadly earthquake nearly flattened this predominantly Tibetan city early Wednesday, killing at least 1,400 people, China's leadership has treated the quake as a dual emergency -- a humanitarian crisis almost three miles above sea level in remote Qinghai Province, and a fresh test of the Communist Party's ability to keep a lid on dissent among restive Tibetans... One of the most persistent complaints, however, was that many of the official rescue efforts have focused on the cityís larger structures and ignored the mud-brick homes that, with few exceptions, collapsed by the hundreds. Others spoke of skirmishes with the police over bodies, although such accounts could not be verified."

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Pope Weeps: Altarboys All Grown Up
Times | Submitted by: Rev. Ric Williamson, Trashy TV Whore
"Victims of clerical sex abuse in Malta have described how they wept as they prayed with the Pope today after he agreed to meet them on his trip to the island. They said that the Pope also had "tears in his eyes"... Vatican officials said that the Pope, who the Vatican claims has "done more than anyone" to clean up the Church, was "deeply moved" by the menís descriptions of their experiences and had expressed "shame and sorrow."

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A Tip Of The Mitre To Omerta
RTE Ireland | Submitted by: Vomit
"A former Vatican cardinal who congratulated a French bishop for hiding a sexually abusive priest has said he acted with the approval of the late Pope John Paul II, a Spanish newspaper reported on Saturday... "After consulting the pope... I wrote a letter to the bishop congratulating him as a model of a father who does not hand over his sons," the daily La Verdad quoted Castrillon Hoyos as telling the conference on Friday, to a round of applause from the assembled prelates, priests and lay people."

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California County Separates Old Queens
National Center For Lesbian Rights | Submitted by: Fescue
"An elderly gay couple lived together for 20 years until one fell down the front steps and was hospitalized. The hospital and county health workers ignored medical directives, powers of attorney and other documents the couple had, denied them access to each other, had them committed to separate nursing homes against their will, took control of all the couple's assets, and sold the assets at auction. One died alone, the other no longer has any personal possessions and is suing."

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Willing Adherent Sacrificed To Kali
Indian Express | Submitted by: ditchley
"In a case of suspected "human sacrifice", the blood-splattered beheaded torso of a 25-year-old man was found outside a temple of Goddess Kali this morning at a village about 15 km away from Bolpur town in Birbhum district... "The slain torso had new clothes on the body. His hands were not tied. There was no indication of any resistance on the victim's part. It seems he was drugged and was completely unconscious when he was slaughtered."

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NSA Mismanagement Whistleblower Indicted
Washington Post | Submitted by: ditchley
"Drake, 52, has not been accused of sharing the most sensitive of the NSA's secrets: the means it uses to intercept e-mails and phone calls around the world, or the tools it employs to crack adversaries' codes. Instead, Drake appears to have provided a steady stream of documents and information to a Baltimore Sun reporter whose work exposed NSA system failures and mismanaged programs."

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Man Files His Obituary, Then Suicides
Sacramento Bee | Submitted by: scarred 4 life
"A Placerville man apparently wrote and delivered his own obituary to the Mountain Democrat newspaper on Tuesday -- then hanged himself from a local bridge... "Yes, I have hanged myself (At least I hope I did)... I have had emphysema for the past few years, and lately it has been really hard to struggle to even catch a breath. I really cannot convey to you how very hard it was even to try to take a very deep breath... My life has been drastically altered in the past few years, and I believe in euthanasia."

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Tiny Tentacles Writhe In Pelagic Ooze
BBC | Submitted by: The Tortuga Beluga
"An unprecedented number of tiny, ocean dwelling organisms have been catalogued by researchers involved in a global survey of the world's oceans. One of the highlights was the discovery of a vast "microbial mat", covering an area equivalent to the size of Greece."

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