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August 17, 2010
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Dad Fucks Up Cryogenics Experiment
Stuff NZ | Submitted by: kiwidude
"It was kind of stressful to walk in and see your daughter dead. I didn know what to do." Prosecutors contend he shot his daughter seven times with a small-caliber gun to torture her, then hog-tied and stuffed her into the Recreational Vehicle's freezer, where she suffocated... Butterfield said he hoped she would be resurrected and planned to hold on to the body for at least seven years."

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Rub A Dub Redux
CBS | Submitted by: thegoddesofwine
"Duley originally told authorities that the children drowned when their car careened into the river and that she just couldn't manage to get the children out of the car, but later broke down, saying she was pretty distraught after a dispute she allegedly had with her own mother and then killed 18-month-old Ja'Van and 2-year-old Devean by putting her ham over their mouths."

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Clown Cars Easier To Grand Theft
Chicago Sun-Times | Submitted by: The Greyhound
"Having crashed his own car, he tried to carjack two civilians but was foiled by drivers... A Near North District police officer attempted to arrest McCoy, but he was able to push free and steal a police SUV... A Wood District police officer responded and McCoy struck both officers with the police SUV. McCoy eventually crashed into a fire hydrant and officers were able to subdue him with the help of a passerby."

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Blago Bagged On One Count
Washington Post | Submitted by: vicblower
"A federal jury in Chicago found former Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty of a single count of lying to federal agents but deadlocked over the other 23 charges against him... The conviction carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison."

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Ecclesiastical Council Heralds New Stone Age
New York Times | Submitted by: GOPhucker
"And less than a week earlier, the national Ulema Council brought together 350 religious scholars in a meeting with government religious officials, who issued a joint statement Aug. 10 calling for more punishment under Shariah, apparently referring to stoning, amputations and lashings."

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Pakistan Jumps On W'leaks Disinfo Train
Daily Pakistan | Submitted by: raperoom
"We know there are thousands of videos which already exist on the internet which have captured American soldiers crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, but for some mysterious reasons the video which was released by the Wikileaks was propagated with a zeal... In these ludicrous and sinister disinformation campaigns against Pakistan is hidden a very dangerous agenda of Israel and America."

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South African Peachums Recruit Babies
BBC | Submitted by: Bishop Geo. Ratzinger, (waiting, tongue out, in ambush)
"An investigation by Johannesburg's 702 Talk Radio found some parents & child-minders rent out babies to beggars for about 20 rand a day.... Thirteen children and seven babies were taken into care after an operation on Friday... "The practice seems to be on the increase and we are currently looking at why this is the case."

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Texan Praises Summer-Autumn Foliage
Wire Services | Submitted by: Daddy Vengence
Attending the execution of the third of his daughter's rapists: "He should have been hung outside the courthouse. I don't mean this in a gruesome way, but if they want to make the death penalty a deterrent, up in front of City Hall, they've got all these beautiful trees. They should have hung them. If they hung all five of them, that would be a deterrent." [Pardon, rustic, but the proper word is 'hanged']

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Michigan Senator Pied (Dutch-Apple)
Detroit Free Press | Submitted by: ditchley
"Sen. Carl Levin was being criticized by a young man for his stance on foreign policy and defense of Israel -- later dismissed by the Senator as a "long statement accusing senators of war crimes"... Witnesses at Pepper's Café and Deli said as the Detroit Democrat who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee asked the audience to let the man have his say, a young woman circled behind him and squashed a pie into the 76-year-old Levin's face."

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You Are Really Wanting To Dig Into This Thing I'll Bet
News Corporation | Submitted by: Vilegit
"The Testicle Cooking World Championship in Ozrem takes place for the seventh time this year and is open to cooks from all over the world. "Look at how many people go to Scotland because of the whisky... We are now hoping that the many famous and varied dishes that we have created in the region will become world-famous."

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Italian Rentboys Adopt Indecipherable Callslang
AlterNet | Submitted by: whatsnew74
"A mobile phone left on a beach at Cervia on the Adriatic coast had been rendered inoperative by sand and seawater, but the last text messages exchanged between its owner and boyfriend were still legible. This week a national newspaper asked its readers if they could help decipher them. "frs è sl xk il ft k lui mha dt k nn tiene + amme mha sorpreso.. k fc? Rx tadb <3", read one message, in which the only recognisable word was sorpreso, meaning "surprised". "kix tadoro<3ps è imp", read another."

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Get That Hose Out Of My Face
New Zealand Herald | Submitted by: P Ray
"Price pleaded guilty in the Bowen District Court to four counts of assault in the Queensland holiday town of Airlie Beach in 2007 and 2008... Footage shows the constable punching one tourist before jamming a fire hose down his throat, but police won't release it until after he is sentenced."

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