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September 13, 2010
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Birthday Party's Tragic Denouement
King 5 | Submitted by: Diaper Drew
"As he was cycling down the rural road, a truck hit and killed the cyclist. The truck's 24-year-old driver immediately stopped and went back to the scene. He recognized the dead cyclist as the same man whose birthday he helped celebrate earlier in the evening. Then, friends say, the overcome truck driver pulled out a gun and killed himself near the scene."

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Give This Load A Second Pass
Cleveland Plain Dealer | Submitted by: jgb
"He was locked in his room for long periods of time and had to urinate out of the bedroom window one day and defecate in his closet another day. When she smelled the feces, she made him eat it and gave him a plastic bag to vomit in... She thought he had urinated on plastic she had put on the floor to paint the walls. She made him lick it up. It was cat urine... She forced him to finish the cat's uneaten canned food. The boy vomited in the bowl and she made him eat that as well."

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Johnny Appleseed Of Dead Babies
Michigan Messenger | Submitted by: furpo
"Someone brought a foul smelling backpack to the Boyne City Police Department on Tuesday afternoon and an officer opened it to discover a dead newborn wrapped in plastic bags... It is at least the fourth abandoned newborn to surface in Lower Michigan in recent months."

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X-ray: Arrow Tip Lodged In Back
Cincinnati Enquirer | Submitted by: cyran0
"He said he was jolted awake by the first arrow when it tore into his back. "I looked at him and said, Bo, what are you doing? Man, stop this. Call 911." But Stacey said Spivey again drew back the bow and aimed at his heart. "I put my hand up and it went through my hand." [This does not explain the paperclips.]

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Comments (18)

Beach-Comber Detects Bionic Teen
HealthDay | Submitted by: JGB
"When doctors used ultrasound on the area, they were shocked to see about 20 foreign objects under her skin, including a paper clip, a screw from a pair of eyeglasses and multiple pieces of pencil lead... The teen had engaged in self-embedding, an extreme form of self-injury." [Attention whores, no X-rays]

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Well-Poisoner Reads Directions Backwards
Boston Herald | Submitted by: Northeastern Paramedic
"Milford police found a bag of suspected crystallized cyanide next to the lifeless body of a 30-year-old Northeastern University lab technician at her home early this morning... The bag contained enough of the crystallized substance "to wipe out the neighborhood."

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Barge-In Breaks Cottaging Protocol
Daily Mail | Submitted by: Bascha
"Landlady Di Watson, who owns the pub with husband Rod, is now calling for a reduction in the speed limit on Holt Road -- where the pub is located -- as this is not the first time there has been a car accident in the area." [Photo]

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The Day The Stork Got Lazy
Daily Mail | Submitted by: bascha
"Airport cleaners tidying up an aircraft that had landed in Manila were shocked to find a new-born baby boy in a toilet's rubbish bin today."

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Comments (10)

Indianan Hungers For Brother Beef
ABC News | Submitted by: Geo. Ratzinger
"Conley admitted to strangling his brother on a Saturday night when their parents were both at work. Stuffing his brother's dead body in the back of his car, he then drove to his girlfriend's house where he spent the night... "He analogized the murder to when someone wants a hamburger. He said that when someone wants a hamburger they just gotta have it."

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Comments (14)

Comedy Of Surgical Errors
Palm Beach Post | Submitted by: ditchley
"For five months, the surgical sponge festered near the judge's intestines. The pus- and bile-stained mass measured more than a foot long and a foot wide when finally removed and unwound in March."

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