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July 8, 2011
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I Got It, I Got It
San Jose Mercury News | Submitted by: Accounts
"Oakland's Conor Jackson lined a foul ball into the left-field corner that ricocheted into fair territory. Rangers left fielder Josh Hamilton retrieved the ball and tossed it up to a male fan sitting in the first row behind the out-of-town scoreboard that's built into the left-field wall... The man lunged forward, and as he caught the ball with his bare hands, tumbled over a railing and fell headfirst 20 feet to the concrete below."

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Seven Murdered In Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids Press | Submitted by: spooz
"A Grand Rapids man tells mother on phone that he killed his wife and police respond to the scene. The mother says heard gunshot on the phone. Seven people are now dead in the rampage... Killing suspect Rodrick Dantzler appears to fit a subcategory of mass murderers known as "family annihilators."

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News of the World rebrands as Sun on Sunday
BBC | Submitted by: faerie_child
"Embroiled in the phone-hacking scandal, the 168-year-old tabloid News of the World will publish its terminal issue this weekend... Its editorial staff is expected to be consolidated with that other News Corp. scandal sheet The Sun, which is currently published from Monday to Saturday on the same presses."

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Grandpa Sawyer Drops The Hammer
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Submitted by: Jason
"McNeer, 85, allegedly struck her on the back of her head with a hammer before attempting to kill himself... McNeer told a relative that he attempted to kill his wife with the hammer because his health was failing and he did not think that she could live without him... McNeer was formerly CEO of Wisconsin Energy and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago."

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Nibbles Undo Toddler
Flint Journal | Submitted by: scarred 4 life
"Some of the bite marks were fresh while others appeared to be a few days old, he said. They were all over the body, including the torso and leg, and appeared to be adult human bite marks."

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Cutlery Party
MSNBC | Submitted by: catcrys
"The couple were arguing in the house when she began destroying things inside the home... His wife hit him in the head with a basket of pocketknives, drove her car up onto the lawn, and then left. But before troopers could arrive, she returned, broke an end table on his head and left again... She had been barred from the home after throwing a fork at her husband that cut open his face."

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Smugglers Target Express Lane
El Paso Times | Submitted by: SlimeBalls
"The smugglers selected their targets by placing lookouts at the port of entry who identified vehicles that daily used the SENTRI express lane... Once a vehicle and driver were selected, the smugglers would obtain the car's vehicle identification number. The VIN was then used to make spare keys for that car. The keys would be used at night by smugglers to unlock the car, put drugs in it and lock it."

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Taste The Electrolytes
Wired | Submitted by: spooz
"The latest space-age pissbags from NASA will use a sugary solution injected into a semi-permeable inner bag, which is nested inside an outer bag. Dirty fluid that's pumped into the outer bag will slowly pass through the inner bag and into the sugary solution, leaving behind its contaminants. On Earth, the double-sack system makes about a liter of sports drink-like fluid in four to six hours."

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